How I completely changed my relationship with food and fitness

In the past year I’ve completely changed my perspective on food and fitness – I’ve learned to love healthy eating and crave exercise, and I feel so much better mentally, physically, and spiritually because of it. Keep reading to see how I shifted my outlook on wellness and what I’ve learned in the past year.

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Well Wild Women – Interview with my mother, Cynthia Charis

It’s fitting that my first “Well Wild Woman” in this feature is none other than my own mother, Cynthia Charis. I truly would not be the badass woman I am today without her (she was my first example of a well wild woman, after all). My mom has run her own business since I was young, and has always been an incredible example to me of “having it all.” I’ve watched her closely as she has navigated parenting me, running her own business, being an amazing wife, and pursuing her own pursuits and interests. She always made it clear that she loved me and would always be there to support me, but that she was her own person, too…

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The podcast you need to be listening to if you struggle with anxiety

I discovered the Awesome with Alison podcast through one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, Studio DIY, who featured her podcast on their blog because they are the LA guests for her Awesome with Alison IRL podcast tour! So that’s how I stumbled upon Awesome with Alison, and let me tell you…this is now one of my favorite. podcasts. EVER! And I listen to a lot of podcasts. This podcast has a special, magical mix of hilarity, vulnerability, positivity, and uniqueness that lifts me up every time I listen in.

Alison’s story is also a really interesting one, and she lets us in on a lot of those details through the podcast. Alison is an incredibly charismatic, successful, and creative entrepreneur who has been creating content online for over a decade, but she isn’t afraid to tell us that she still struggles with anxiety, feelings of worthiness and comparison, and mom guilt (she and her husband have three young kids)…

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How feminism has shaped my views on what it means to live a balanced life

Until I was in college, I honestly never thought much about feminism. I obviously knew the basic history of the women’s movement that I had learned in my history and English classes, but it wasn’t until I picked up Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg in 2013 that I really started to understand why feminism was still necessary and how far we still have to go. I know Lean In is divisive and while there are certainly issues with it, it opened my eyes to feminism in a new way. When I read it, I was newly in a serious relationship that I could see turning into marriage (spoiler alert – I’m getting married to him in a few months!) and at 21 I was starting to think about my future as a wife and mother. But that book came to me at the right time, because the real reason I became a self-proclaimed feminist (and have never looked back) was mainly because I was disheartened by how I saw femininity and masculinity playing out in fraternities and sororities when I was a college student…

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Feeling lost? This book can help!

How many times have we heard, “I just feel so lost”? Or how about “I don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going in life”? It’s a particular human affliction to feel like we need to have every step on our path mapped out for us to feel comfortable, and I know I definitely fall into that trap much more often than I’d like. The truth is that life is not linear. We don’t ever know where we’re going, even if we think we do. As someone who tends to make decisions quickly just because I want to have some kind of plan and because I want to feel like I know what my future is going to look like, this is a particularly painful (and terrifying) realization.

But in the expert (and hilarious, and no-nonsense) hands of Maxie McCoy, feeling like we don’t have everything all figured out doesn’t seem so bad after all. I first discovered Maxie through instagram (@maxiemccoy) and I immediately loved her bright, bubbly, feminist aesthetic – intrigued, I quickly clicked over to her website to learn more about her and immediately devoured her story…

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