The podcast you need to be listening to if you struggle with anxiety

I discovered the Awesome with Alison podcast through one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, Studio DIY, who featured her podcast on their blog because they are the LA guests for her Awesome with Alison IRL podcast tour! So that’s how I stumbled upon Awesome with Alison, and let me tell you…this is now one of my favorite. podcasts. EVER! And I listen to a lot of podcasts. This podcast has a special, magical mix of hilarity, vulnerability, positivity, and uniqueness that lifts me up every time I listen in.

Alison’s story is also a really interesting one, and she lets us in on a lot of those details through the podcast. Alison is an incredibly charismatic, successful, and creative entrepreneur who has been creating content online for over a decade, but she isn’t afraid to tell us that she still struggles with anxiety, feelings of worthiness and comparison, and mom guilt (she and her husband have three young kids)…

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Love to learn? Listen to this podcast!

“Getting Curious” by Jonathan Van Ness is an amazing and hilarious podcast that gets extremely real on many of today’s current issues. JVN interviews experts, friends, and even his mom and has hilarious conversations that will teach you so much about the world today. Keep reading for my full reviews and to see which episodes […]

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Why it’s so important to always keep learning

I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of lifelong learning – of never feeling “finished” with personal growth or self-improvement. I also love learning new information regularly, which is why I love to read. But with podcasts, I can learn on the go! Keep reading to learn how I grew to love podcasts as a form […]

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